About me

My name is Sebastian Salinas. I was born in 1990. in 2008 I started studying a double major as "Electrical Engineering" and "Economist and Administrator" at PUC (Pontificia Universidad Católica) and in 2014 I went through an exchange program at UCI (University of California, Irvine). During my stay at PUC I was Teacher Assistant (TA) for the "Engineering Challenge" class several times (2013-1, 2013-2 & 2014-2) and also for Electrical Design (2014-2). I founded "development and innovation" teams as "The Resistance" and "The Omega Car", projects that are sustainable and gather hundreds of people nowadays. In the previous projects, I always encouraged an Open Source mentality in order to reach the most people as possible so they can learn and have fun at the same time, also being an enthusiast and participating in the Local Maker Faires, exhibitions and demonstrations. In my last years I have been developing hardware and working as a consultant for the following companies:
Undergrad Thesis