Correlation between Post and Place

What you can see in the picture is this website's world distribution to August/ 2014. This social experiment is about how would this map change in one year if we make a little change, for an instance, start writing in some other language. If you look closely to the map you can see the pins for the locations where this blog has been visited at least once. Now, most of the pins are located in places where you speak spanish (Español) and that's very logical since this blog is written in Spanish but what if we start writing in English, French or Mandarin (Chinese). The Hypothesis is we are going to receive more visits aacording to the language we post. For one year I'll be writing English only and the result should be a lot more visits from different countries (Not only Latin ones). In one year from now on (September 1st) I will be sharing my results with you!

Soccer Player's Tracker (Part 2)

In the previous post I was telling you how I was able to implement a simple GPS DataLogger with my dog Emma as guinea pig. As well the solution is functional it is far from the final product, there is a huge variable we are not considering yet and it is portability. So, our task from now on is redisegning the whole circuit into something tiny.

Soccer Player's Tracker (Part 1)

About 1 year ago I was offered to do an internship in a professional football club from my country. At the first time I was reluctant since I am not "the sport guy" but I decided to have a meeting with my employer and decide if I take the job knowing what it was about. The meeting was long and confusing at the beginning because I didn´t know where a "techy guy" like me was fitting in the plot but then my employer (and president of the soccer club) told me what he was expecting from my work. He wanted me to build a device in order to track every step of the football players inside the soccer field (Pretty neat, right?), the motivation behind this was the need for statistics inside the field, this is, How much does the player run inside the field? How fast can he run? What about the acceleration? Is the player playing in the area the coach told him to play? All this questions are supposed to get an answer with the device I was supposed to build.